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Manoj Bansal

Mr. Manoj Bansal’s journey with Bansal Plastic Industries Deco Star started in the year 2016, when he decided to dedicate his time and energy to the enterprise at the every grassroots. He focused on the factory floor, learning about the marketing strategy and the technical features of products, not to mention various other quality tests which allowed him to receive a deeper understanding of the fundamentals of the business. Since 2016, he has taken the mantle of the business. His vision focuses on making Deco Star a brand leader in its category, and one of the best place to work. He drives cross-functional teams across sales, supply chain, finance, trade & marketing. He is passionate for the development of channel management along with customer development strategy, targeted at driving sustainable growth for the organization. A Man With The Golden Heart

Sandeep Bansal

Managing Director

Mr. Sandeep Bansal, the Managing Director of Bansal Plastic Industries Deco Star is popularly known as the PVC manufacturing baron of India, and there are legitimate reasons behind giving this influential personality the name. With a leadership foresight and strategic management, Mr. Sandeep Bansal has carved out an unprecedented growth path for Deco Star. Since 2016, he has been working towards spreading the company’s wings in different pockets of India. Today, Bansal Plastic Industries (Deco Star) enjoys the largest market share amongst the organized players along with the title of India’s No.1 manufacturer offering a comprehensive range of PVC Panels, WPC Products, Decorative Laminates, WPC Door, PVC board & Charcoal Sheet as well as other specialized application products. Apart from being a man of policy and performance, Mr. Sandeep Bansal is simple and grounded. With his humble nature, he addresses his peers as well as his employees in the organization – A True Man Of The People.

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