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7 Reasons You Will Choose WPC Doors Over Wooden Flush Doors

October 13, 2021 decostarpvc No Comments

7 Reasons You Will Choose WPC Doors Over Wooden Flush Doors

Designer doors with high strength and attractive looks are always preferred over doors that are weak in their structure and do not bring their aesthetics to the table.

As you would buy readymade doors based on several materials, it is always recommended to buy waterproof doors which are durable, strong and sustainable..!

However, it is prominent to buy long-lasting waterproof doors that can be used in the water affecting areas or bathrooms without getting damaged by water or moisture. This is because wooden doors swell up when they come in contact with water, buyers consider it a better choice to apply laminates/veneers and polishing to turn them into wooden flush doors.

Here you must be wondering about what a wooden flush door is all about? Wooden flush doors are said to be designed for installation in moisture-rich places so that they do not swell when getting in contact with water or moisture.

Let’s talk about the application of laminates/veneers which is necessary for the wooden flush doors. Now, this is a labor costing procedure that is used to turn the wooden doors into flush doors. Due to this fact, the cost of the wooden flush doors increases steadily. Their moisture absorption capacity is more, making it a task for you to maintain their dimensional stability for your precious space.

Understanding this reality, you may go for installing different types of doors in your spaces! One such example is hollow fiber doors. These doors are hollow and lack the strength to last long as well.

Due to the lack of strength, the chances of dents on the fiber doors rise. Hence, the customer doesn’t stay happy by using these doors either.

By keeping in mind such issues in past years, Decostar Wood Polymer Composite has introduced WPC solid doors that shall be suitable for being bathroom doors.

The WPC doors by Deco Star are PVC-based products, which come as solid doors which are high in density, that are not hollow like the fiber doors.

Some of the reasons how the WPC doors are better than the flush doors and fiber doors are here for you:

Water Proof :

Wooden flush doors have a high water-absorbent rate which causes swelling, expansion, and contraction after a couple of years, even after laminates/veneer is applied on them.
The WPC doors have a low water absorption rate, which is not just for namesake but is approved by the Delhi Test House Laboratory.

The result of the scientifically tested test showed that WPC doors from Deco Star have a 0.19 water absorption rate in 2 hours and 0.80 in 24 hours. This means that you will get WPC doors that are 100% waterproof and a better product than the traditional wooden flush doors.

Termite Proof:

The biggest drawback of wooden flush doors is that it gets the termite attack and gets completely damaged in a few years, whereas the WPC doors are 100% termite proof, which ensures that there shall be no termite attack.

This also indicates that WPC doors have a long way to sustain! Deco Star Wood Polymer Composite also provides a lifetime guarantee on this fact, so that you find no hassles when using them!

Compatible Product:

The WPC solid doors are compatible, and are available in beige color, but can be painted in any color as per customer requirements without the application of laminate/veneer on the WPC doors.
This makes them highly customizable and paintable at affordable prices for your applications.

A benefit of the WPC solid door that you get is that it can be painted in any color that will give a seamless finish. The quality finishing of the WPC doors is because they are a PVC-based product.

Great compatibility is formed when two PVC products come together, and it can be seen in attractive and well-defined finishing on WPC doors in comparison to the wooden flush doors.


WPC doors have a Shore D hardness (surface hardness) closer to 70 that is very high strength and shall not get any dents that could damage their look even in the long run. This is their plus point over the usual fiber doors, which are weak in strength as they are hollow!

Fire Retardant:

When accidents happen only the quality and nature of the material can save you! The wooden flush doors can easily take fire, and pass them further on. Whereas the other WPC Doors made by virgin polymers are fire retardants but they start softening after reaching 89 degrees celsius temperature.

Efficient Screw Holding Capacity:

Deco Star WPC doors have a high density of 0.65 kg/cm³ which means they are high in strength. Due to this reason, the screw holding capacity is much higher, and with this Deco Star guarantees that the screws would not come out of the WPC door Exterior Grade Product.

As you know, the flush doors are not water-proof and termite-proof so they cannot be installed in exterior applications.

Whereas, the WPC solid doors are 100% waterproof, termite-proof, fire-retardant, durable, and high in strength. Due to this, they are suitable for both interior and exterior applications. This is a major reason why you should select WPC doors over wooden flush doors.


At the first look, the cost of the WPC doors might look higher in comparison to the cost of the flush doors. But if compared to the total cost of a wooden flush door, there are several reasons which increase their costs and a few of them are :

The reasons are:
(i) The Application of Veneer/Laminate: The application of the veneer and laminate would be necessary on the wooden flush doors. Only after this, you can do polish or any other surface treatment. Whereas, on the WPC doors there is no need to paste veneer/laminate, to do the surface treatment.
(ii) Labour Cost: The labor cost increases with the application of the veneer and laminate on the wooden flush doors.
(iii) Water & Pest Treatment: It is done on them to make them sustainable so that no head aching damages happen but still it happens.

Environment Friendliness:

Wooden flush doors contain formaldehyde, and a lot of other hazardous chemicals, which are harmful to the health as well as the environment. Also, you know that so many trees need to be cut to make wooden flush doors. Whereas, the WPC Solid Doors are environment-friendly products because it is a PVC-based product and there is no need to cut trees for making them. And are 100% formaldehyde-free and contain no hazardous chemicals. Green Revolution, Green Solution! To get good quality doors, you should not wander about searching the wood door manufacturers, when Deco Star is here to your rescue.

Being the leading high-quality WPC door manufacturer in India, Deco Star has been writing the growth story of the building material industry, for the last many years.

The building material industry has a vibrant future because of WPC, given the durability, quality, and eco-friendly nature.

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