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Benefits of WPC Doors Frame

Benefits of WPC Doors Frame

The price rise in sawn timber category and lack of sturdiness in UPVC door frames is giving a way to WPC door frames off late. The WPC door frame manufacturers are increasing and hence there is an increases visibility and curiosity about this product in trade. Despite of being costlier than a wooden door frame the specifier and retail community has began to acknowledge the benefit of WPC door frames.

Although Dealers, WPC sellers and even timber people appreciated the door frame concept but expressed little knowledge about right material quality or pricing of WPC door frames but, many people, who have seen or checked the sample of WPC door frames, appreciate the product and its suitability as a right substitute to the purpose. Those who are aware about WPC expressed that WPC Door Frames is a game changer and very revolutionary product and will become the need of builders if quality, pricing and product image is built over the basis of healthy working.

With more than 20 WPC brands promoting WPC door frames at various locations is helping the awareness and curiosity about this material in premium Kothi and housing sector. Trade dealers are convinced about the material benefit and the cost cutting efforts of manufacturers that are necessary to create demand for this needed product in Indian weather environment. A couple of producers who are in R&D in this product are very much excited with the increasing number of supplying brands in this category and they are offering this material to contractors and builders in their respective area. The supplying companies are working to aware architects, civil engineers and building contractors for the advantage of WPC door frame compare to wood, Aluminium, and Iron.

Deco Star WPC door frames have advantage over conventional wood door frame as it is 100% waterproof, termite-proof and very sturdy. WPC door frame companies even advise or allow it to installing even after POP stage with the help of fixtures and accessories provided with the product that gives an advantage while changing frames for renovation market. The product pose a great comfort for port base areas, hotels, and resorts and hold extra ordinary possibilities feel the building material suppliers of wood panel business.

WPC door frames is a very new product in India, which has been introduced just one and half years back but supplying companies opine that this great product is the future of wood. It will save our lot of time and cost. The door frame of WPC holds plenty of faith specially to those who have physically seen the sample.

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