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How To Install PVC Marble Sheet – PVC Marble Installation Guide

October 13, 2021 decostarpvc No Comments

How To Install PVC Marble Sheet – PVC Marble Installation Guide

PVC Marble Sheet Installation, generally there are three simple installation ways globally enjoyed by install workers for PVC marble sheet Method A, direct on wall installation; Method B, aluminum alloy décor clips installation; way C, sealant installation. There are also some videos for PVC marble sheet installation reference. 


 Actually, there can be multiple methods for this PVC marble sheet installation. Buyers or builders can check them on YouTube by search” PVC marble panel installation”, it would show short videos on this subject. Buyers or builders can choose the most favor and practical installation method for them 

Tools Required For Installations
Here are some tools needed for this installation. With these tools, the installation work would be very easy and quick. Builders may do not require all of them, just choose the necessaries for your exact installation method.

Tape ruler, machine saw, free nail adhesive, adhesive gun, steel nail gun, steel nails, double sided adhesive tape, cutter knife, angle grinder, 45 degree machine cutter, electric screw driver, self tape screws.

We can offer installation tools for our buyers along with the goods if buyer can not get these tools in local overseas.

PVC Marble Sheet Installation Method A: Direct on wall installation

Step 1: Requiring.
Usually, requiring a flat wall surface is necessary before installing the panel on wall. The PVC marble sheet can be installed on the wall surface directly if the wall surface is flat and clean. Cement mortar wall is also okay. If there is small raised area, flatten it. If there is small concave area, use foam sealing agent to make it flat.

Step 2: Draw Line and install decor clips.
Using tape ruler and marker draw out the horizontal and vertical lines for expected installation areas. And install aluminium alloy decor clips onto proper positions.

Step 3: Cutting.
Using machine saw cut the whole sheet into small pieces with expected size. Tidy and neat the edges using sandpaper. Make the back clean for pointing liquid nail adhesive purpose.

Step 4: Pointing Adhesive.
Pointing the liquid nail adhesive on the back of small pieces.

Step 5: Sticking and Peeling
Stick the small piece on the expected position on the wall softly and firmly. Sticking for minutes to make sure the piece and the wall stick well. Peel off the protective film on the surface of installed piece.

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